Ionian University

Department of Informatics

Associate Professor, Head of Department (since May 2017)
Faculty Position: Computer Networks
Courses: Networks I, Networks II, Information Theory, Distributed Network-oriented Systems (undergraduate courses) and Computer Networks and Communications, Wireless Communication Networks, Distributed Networks and Algorithms (postgraduate courses)



National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Department of Informatics & Telecommunications

PhD in Communication Networks
PhD Thesis Title: Topology-Unaware TDMA MAC Policies for Ad Hoc Networks
Abstract: A challenging problem in ad hoc networks is the efficient design of a medium access control (MAC) mechanism considering a TDMA time scheduling. Given that ad hoc networks are inherently dynamic and typically large-scale, solutions of high complexity that require global knowledge (e.g., graph coloring methods) are not suitable even they provide for the optimal solution (minimum frame length). Therefore, the employment of topology-unaware policies is a suitable solution. In this thesis, it is shown that the latter approaches suffer due to unused network resources (unallocated time slots) that could increase further the system utilization. In the sequel, a probabilistic policy is proposed in order to both utilize these unallocated resources and at the same time maintain the topology-unaware property. This policy is studied and explored considering throughput as well as energy consumptio and the use topology control. The boundaries within the proposed policy is superior to the previous approaches is analytically derived in this thesis and confirmed using simulation results.

Imperial College

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

MSc in Communications and Signal Processing
(Diploma of Imperial College)

MSc Thesis Title: Data Link Control Optimization in Multiple Access for Mobile Communications
Abstract: The third generation of mobile communications is capable of providing for high data rates employing Code Division Multiple Access policies for medium access control. Based on the idiosyncrasies of the employed codes there exists a trade-off between the data rate and the robustness of the wireless channel. These idiosyncrasies were studied in this thesis and the aforementioned trade-offs were analytically derived. Simulation results confirmed the analytical findings.

University of Patras

Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics

Computer Engineering and Informatics
(Diploma of Engineering)

Thesis Title: Modern Video Coding Techniques
Abstract: Efficient video coding is one of the most important aspects in modern network environments allowing for fast downloads of content that is increasingly becoming available in the network. In this thesis the idea of coding areas of a video images that corresponds to real objects and not artificial ones (e.g., squares) is considered and studied. It is shown that it is possible to reduce significantly the data rate of the overall video file when compared to other coding techniques. This was made evident by several experiments considering the previous idea.



Research Collaborator
Institution: Advanced Networks Research Group, Communication Networks Laboratory, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
Description:  Research under the ANA (Autonomic Network Architecture) European Commission project with respect to the design and development of a new, scalable network architecture for the future Internet.


Visiting Lecturer (P.D. 407/80)
Institution: Department of Informatics, University of Ioannina
Description: Teaching two courses in the semester related to computer networks (Digital Communications and Ad Hoc Networks).


Military Service
Institution: Hellenic Air Force
Description: Telecom Engineer, Operator of Teletype Machines


Research and Development Engineer
Institution: Intracom S.A.
Description: Full time occupation as a research and development engineer. Coordination of various European Commission research projects on behalf of Intracom S.A. (e.g., BroadWay, HARMONICS, Broadband Internet over Satellites, Caspian). Development of prototype protocol stack in Linux kernel environment.


Investigation of architecture and performance issues in unstructured large-scale network environments, scalable service placement and facility migration, service information dissemination and service discovery, energy consumption is sensor networks and routing problems in opportunistic environments.


Project Specific
Coordination of European Commision projects (e.g. , Broadway, Harmonics)
Proposal preparation regarding European Commission projects
System Specific
Architecure specification for MAC/DLC/Routing/Service Discovery in wireless and autonomous network systems
Design and implementation of MAC/DLC/Service Discoveryin wireless and autonomous network systems


  • Implementation of service discovery modules for the ANA project
  • Implementation of protocol layers for Wireless LAN (HIPERLAN/2)
  • Linux Network Protocol Stack: modifications and enhancements
  • Implementation of TCP enhancements for IP over Satellite Networks
  • Excellent experience in programming using TCP/IP protocols
  • Convergence Layer for HIPERLAN/2 to enable DiffServ IP QoS
  • Very good programming experience in Linux Device Driver level
  • ANSI C low level (device driver) programming
  • Network Simulator extensive experience
  • Latex


1/2005 Hawaii International Conference on System Services
Best Paper Award
3/1993 Hellenic Mathematical Society
Award for successful relevant exams


  • Member of the Green ICT Commitee of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation
  • Member of the Permanent Committee of Technical Chamber of Greece, Corfu Department