Green LAB

Welcome to the Green Lab of Culture, Environment and Informatics that is part of the Department of Informatics of the Ionian University, Corfu, Greece. Green Lab is Located on the ground floor of the magnificent Saint George and Michael’s Palace in the centre of the City of Corfu (see map below). The lab is inspired by the exceptional natural and cultural beauty of the Ionian Islands and attempts to bridge cultural heritage and environmental beauty with informatics.

The core of the Green Lab activities involve synergies between the world of informatics and everyday life seen from the perspective of culture and environment. For example, wireless sensor networks, i.e., a key research activity in Green Lab, can be deployed either for environmental purposes (e.g., to report on water pollution given the extensive coastline of the Ionian Archipelago), or for cultural heritage purposes (e.g., preservation of historical buildings by monitoring their health). Another late activity of the Green Lab  involves the cultural heritage promotion of the region of the Ionian Islands by creating a virtual world consisting if its most important buildings, special outdoor areas and avatars of its most eminent past personalities.

In particular, Green Lab current research interests include the following:
– Sensor networks development for environmental protection
– Computer networks performance analysis
– Green ICT (Information Communication Technologies)
– Virtual world applications for culture heritage promotion
– Software development for supporting cultural activities
– Educational application through virtual tours
– Application of new technologies in the area of cultural heritage management