Various Publications

This page includes publications that have gone through the referee process for various reasons (either they were invited, or they corresponded to projects or proceeding editings).

[4] “Πρακτικά Συνεδρίου «Η Κέρκυρα του 2042»”, Το Δόντι, 2023.
[3] Maria Virvou, Fumihiro Kumeno, Konstantinos Oikonomou, “Knowledge-Based Software Engineering: 2018 – 2019”, Springer, 2018.
[2] Timos Sellis, Konstantinos Oikonomou, “Algorithmic Aspects of Cloud Computing”, Springer, 2017.
[1] Andrea Passarella, Konstantinos Oikonomou, “Special Section on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications”, Elsevier, 2010.
[2] Konstantinos Oikonomou, George Koufoudakis, Eleni Kavvadia, Vassilis Chrissikopoulos, “A Wireless Sensor Network Innovative Architecture for Ambient Vibrations Structural Monitoring”, In Key Engineering Materials, vol. 628, 2014. ([pdf])
[1] George Koufoudakis, Nikos Skiadopoulos, Emmanouel Magkos, Konstantinos Oikonomou, “Synchronization Issues in an Innovative Wireless Sensor Network Architecture Monitoring Ambient Vibrations in Historical Buildings”, In Key Engineering Materials, vol. 628, 2014. ([pdf])
Conference Papers
[2] Georgios Tsoumanis, George Koufoudakis, Konstantnos Oikonomou, Markos Avlonits, Nikos Varotsis, “A Low-Cost Surface Wireless Sensor Network for Pollution Monitoring in the Ionian Sea”, In 12th Panhellenic Symposium of Oceanography & Fisheries, 2018. ([pdf])
[1] Konstantinos Skiadopoulos, Konstantinos Oikonomou, “Probabilistic Information Dissemination Aspects in Wireless Sensor Networks Located in Historical Buildings”, In 2014 S.M.ART.BUIL.T International Conference, 2014. ([pdf])