Exploitation of Strictly Local Information

Strictly local information corresponds to information that is available to an individual node. In order to tackle the previously mentioned scalability problem, the various mechanisms that decide on gradually better locations (in terms of the overall cost) for the facility and adapt automatically to dynamic network changes were studied. Even though they may not always conclude on the optimal location (non-realistic in any case in highly dynamic environments where the optimal location continuously changes), they allow for overall cost reduction for every movement of the facility compared to the previous location.

Having the service facility located at node y, if the load seen from its neighbor node z (Λ^y_z) is more than half the total load seen by node y (i.e., Λ^z_y+Λ^y_z), the migration of the service facility from node y to node z can take place and it is ensured that the overall cost will be reduced.


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